The Kingdom Connect Nov 8 -12th
Finally, An event WITHOUT up-sells, Ugly hotel conference rooms, boring agenda's and speakers who don't actually invest. and best of all it won't cost you an arm, leg AND a kidney...
Video from our Ocean Isle Beach Gathering April 2018

We've attended many of the real estate events and masterminds over the last few years...

All too often they are either 

1) Jam packed conference rooms with motivational speakers that get you fired up before the "Closer" comes in to sell you the $30,000 product 


2) 15 random geezers sitting around a round table reminiscing on their highlight real and deals they completed in their glory days. After their afternoon nap they play a half round of golf so they can catch dinner before their 7 pm bedtime.

Sounds familiar huh? WE are different. We wanted to create an impactful experience for our attendees. in the hell are WE different???? I'm so glad you asked
Let's start with the location, we don't do hotel conference rooms because we feel they are COLD, bland, lifeless and have god awful carpet (sorry, I notice these things). Rather we prefer to rent out compounds and mansions. Here's our Arizona location this year:
What exactly IS this?
An event? A mastermind? A family reunion? A training seminar? A pool party?......YES. To all of that.

We do 5 days with our attendees so we can bless and impact their lives. We are going to mastermind, have breakout sessions, pool parties, guest speakers and much much more. Trust us...this isn't your normal 2 day boardroom meeting.
What topics are we covering in Arizona?
We're giving you the full blueprint and every single resource you will ever need to go out and achieve financial freedom, while getting to skip the years blood, sweat and tears that we and many others had to endure.

We'll be covering things like;
  •   Creative Finance:  How we have built our real estate portfolios using none of our own money.
  • Private Money:  This is by far one of the most misunderstood topics in the real estate community. Learn how we cultivate our relationships.
  •  The Power of Finance: We have some phenomenal speakers who are going to show you how to radically change your financial situation WITHOUT making more money. 
  •  And many many more during our break out sessions such as Business Acquisition, Wholesaling, Lease Option, Subject To, Building a non profit and scaling.
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